woensdag 27 april 2011

it looks red

Today we went out for dinner in Germany, it's really close to Limburg, where I live, in the Netherlands. In the restaurant in which we were eating, was one of the last ten of the German talentshow DSDS, Norman Langen. I got pictures :D

And I have outfit pictures of today.

I just coloured my hair, a bit brighter red. The paint is soaking in right now so I'm curious how the colour will turn out. Tomorrow is my gala so I wanted to have the right colour. My sister says I look really red now, so I guess it will turn out really bright. Curious..!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. rood haar staat jou zo mooi!

  2. Ik ken hem verder niet, maar cool dat je met hem op de foto was! :) Leuke foto's!

  3. Leuke foto's!
    En mooi jeanshemd :D x

  4. Leuke outfit :D. and i love your hair! Ik zou zelf nooit rood haar nemen, maar ik vind 't bij jou bevoorbeeld echt zo geweldig staan! :D.